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Stevenage Dolphins Swimming Club 

We are a swimming club for any person with any condition that would benefit from exercise in the water and which prevents the enjoyment of the Swimming Pool at a public session.

The club was founded in 1962 by Mr. Harry Parker, our late president, and was one of the first organisations to use the (then) newly-opened­­­­ Stevenage Swimming Pool.

As a UK registered charity, Registration Number 265658, we are dependent upon donations and the goodwill of Stevenage Borough Council, Stevenage Leisure Ltd. and the staff of the swimming pool.

The club meets at Stevenage Swimming Pool every Sunday at 4 pm when members may learn to swim, practice swimming, practice for competitive galas.

The deck-level pool is equipped with a hoist to help those with a physical disability in and out of the pool.

The club holds and attends competitive swimming galas. These are run to NASCH rules. We hold our own annual Club Championship Gala, usually in October. We compete at galas held by clubs in our area, who are also invited to our own inter-club gala and in the NASCH region 3 championship. 

History of Stevenage Dolphins

Harry Parker, living in Stevenage and working at Kayser Bondor in Baldock, Hertfordshire, realised that there were no swimming facilities for the disabled in the surrounding area. He spoke to his employers, who had an outdoor swimming pool and managed to get them to agree that this pool could be used and so the Dolphin Swimming club was formed. That was back in July 1962.

Harry continued in his quest for more swimming facilities for the disabled and when he became aware that Stevenage Development Corporation were building a swimming pool in the town, he lobbied them and The Dolphin Swimming Club were the first private users of the pool in August 1962, followed by Stevenage Swimming Club, which Harry was also involved with at the time.

In October 1962, Harry realised that the pool did not have a first aid room and once again took it upon himself to get the matter sorted. It happened! A section of the ladies' changing area was used and a first aid room was accommodated between the changing areas and the poolside.


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