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Congratulations Dolphins! Excellent results at Hitchin Lions Gala 2016

Hitchin Swimming Gala 2016

More photos and videos in GALLERY and Stevenage Dolphins Google Photos account 

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First Gala of the year - Platypus Gala in Hatfield 

We attended our first gala of the year. A successful gala for Stevenage Dolphins, second place overall, only losing to the hosts. Medals were awarded by the Welwyn Hatfield Deputy Mayor Pat Mabbott. Plus, we happily celebrated Platypus Swimming Club's Golden (50 year) Anniversary.

Platypus Gala at 6pm on Saturday 9th April 2016 at the Hatfield Swimming Centre.The team selection is as follows:

Men1 length - Noel2 lengths - Sean, 3 lengths - Alan,All the above are also in the 3 x 1length relay

Women1 length - Natalie2 lengths - Pamela, 3 lengths - Tara,All the above are also in the 3 x 1l ength relay

Juniors (under 21)1 length - Harry, 2 lengths - Jack 3 lengths - BrandonAll the above are also in the 3 x 1length relay

Note: Pool length is 36 2/3 yards (approx 33.5m) which is longer than our pool at Dolphin's on Sunday which is 22m. Timings have been adjusted based on the increased pool length and also on last years actual times recorded in both pools.

More pictures in GALLERY and Dolphins Google Photos account.

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We are on Facebook and Twitter. Tweet! Tweet! :) 

Hi all. We recently opened our Twitter Page @stevdolphins and Stevenage Dolphins Facebook page is updated with new Gala information for 2015.  See you Swimming, Tweeting and Sharing. :)


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Stevenage swimming club for disabled people saved from closure after appeal success 

A swimming club for disabled people which has been running for more than 50 years has been saved from closure following a fantastic response to an appeal for help.

Two weeks ago the Comet reported how the Dolphins Swimming Club, based at Stevenage Swimming Centre in St George’s Way, would be forced to close in a few weeks time if it didn’t find six people to help run its administration.The club started in 1962 and helps people with special needs, including those with physical disabilities and learning difficulties.The club – which currently has more than 120 members – was desperate for people to man the desk at the swimming centre to register members as present at a class, in order to meet with insurance criteria and the pool’s regulations.

Read the article in full in The Comet 19 November 2015


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‘We need people to help’ – Stevenage swimming club for the disabled could close without volunteers 

A swimming club which has provided enjoyment and exercise for disabled people in Stevenage for than 50 years could soon be left high and dry.

The Dolphins Swimming Club will be forced to close if it cannot find new volunteers to help with its administration.

Chairman David Hill said: “If we can’t find these people it is hard to see how we can continue. We are a registered charity and it has got to be run properly.“It seems crazy to have more than 120 members and not be able to find six people to do administration, but that is the sad fact.” 

Read the article in full in The Comet, 5 November 2015 


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